That dude is so alpo, he doesn't know fiction from reality
by Purina March 5, 2020
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A term that describes that the bar or club that you are at is lacking attractive women, and further indicates that the ones present are considered DOGS. Alpo is a brand name of dog food.
I think it's time to go home and call it a night, it looks like it has been another Alpo Night at every bar and club we've been at today, not one hot looking babe in sight!
by Warnhubb March 25, 2008
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I accidentally cleaved my wife in two last night with my Alpo can.
by Zildor October 17, 2015
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putting penutbutter around your anus and having your dog lick it clean
scottie went home after work and had a dirty alpo
by barbershoptalks November 24, 2011
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Social barriers that prevent the wide acceptance of dogs in positions of authority. Similar to the glass ceiling experienced by women trying to climb the corporate ladder.
Brinkley the golden retriever, with the annoucement of his candidacy for governor of Alaska, has gone a long way towards breaking the alpo ceiling.
by p.m.graham July 11, 2006
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A human male who eats Alpo brand dog food
Clark is such a Alpo male , he's been eating Alpo brand dog food for a few months now.
by Sacredalien March 18, 2022
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