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heroin. originates from attempts to be discreet on the phone; instead of asking for "bags of heroin" users are encouraged to talk about "bags of dog food" or "bags of alpo." like dog food, heroin is sometimes brown.
"yo, how many bags of the alpo did you say you wanted?"
by apikores September 01, 2008
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Shortened version of alcohol poisoning. Typically referring to someone who is extremely drunk.
I was so Alpo last night, I thought I was going to die.
by Erica and Julie June 19, 2007
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1: An Acronym For Someone Who Consumes Large Amounts Of Alcohol And Pot (Marijuana).

2: Someone Who Always Has Alcohol And Marijuana

3: Someone Who Comes To Your House, Drinks All Your Alcohol, Smokes All Your Weed And Leaves.

Person 1: Yeah Man Last Night Hefna Drunk All The Damn Goose And Smoked All My Haze!

Person 2: Man I Told You He Was A Alpo Ass Nigga!
by Caramel Jewel December 07, 2007
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