The name of something that’s beauty can’t be defined. Brinkley is the most whole hearted beautiful person you’ll ever meet. She’ll make your heart melt with just the sound of her voice. And don’t get me started on those eyes. She could put you in a trance you’ll never want out of. She is one of the good ones so keep her if you get the chance.
She is so pretty what’s her name?
She’s defiantly a Brinkley!
by Simpinforpimpin April 5, 2021
To say you are going to do something, then at the last minute change your mind and not do that thing.
Ashley: Hey, you wanna go to the beach next weekend?
Amy: Yeah!! I'll totally go!
-one week later-
Natalie: Where's Amy?

Ashley: Oh she's not coming now, she pulled a Brinkley.
by Jivins July 3, 2012
A male who has no game or style whatsoever. Usually rejected by the opposite sex and remains in the 'friend-zone'. His balls are yet to drop, so he maintains a very high pitched voice.
An overall wasteman who sticks close to his other faggot friends by playing non-contact sports, in fear of getting owned. This is also because he runs and walks like a crippled old man.
He would get jumped everyday of his life if it werent for the fact he has no social life.
Why's that guy walking like that?
Ahhh, he's a brinkely, let's jump that bitch

Oi bruv, shut that girl up!
That ain't no girl, that's a brinkley.
by DefiningThisShit January 6, 2010
Is a very intelligent woman. who may have a bitchy mood swing from time to time. who is also good at pleasuring her men,and is a sex junkie. but brinkley is one hot keep your boyfriends away from her.
oh my god did you see that girl, she was such a brinkley!!!!!!
a amazing,fun,loving person that is usually happy but not around family. they are extroidinary and cheeful and not really down. most people get along with her but not the preps mostly the emos.
oh my god here comes a brinkley everybody lets ditch her for hoilester!
by sceneadinaasour August 26, 2008
super hot, funny, cute, caring guy ;) very very lovable <3
damn, he's gotta be an ethan brinkley
by zoebrnstttr July 19, 2020
A beautiful lesbian who is SUPER soft and intimidating at the same time and is loved by their best friend so much
My best friend is the Amazing Brinkley
by PsychoAvi July 14, 2019