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A beatiful smart chick that makes everyone's day. She's super lovable and won't give up no matter what. She's hilarious and filled with joy. If she cant make you smile then nothing can. She gives warm hugs when its cold and cool hugs when its hot. Shed make the perfect best friend or girlfriend. She's super pretty. Big bold brown eyes with dramtic multi color hair.if you never met a alla then you havnt lived. She's Kurdish! Who wouldn't wanna meet a Kurdish person like cmon thier awesome.anyways she's sweet sexy and smart
by lilly365 December 05, 2015
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alla: an extremely hot girl that all the guys go crazy over. Holla for alla!
Alla is the girl that all the guys wanna get with. When she walks by, she gets attention!
by R0ni November 07, 2006
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a term used by Chicanos to express an unexpected surprise
Joe: "hey Cathy, what you get on your test?"
Cathy: "I gotta a 100% guey!"
by Pinche Joey November 30, 2010
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Alla is a charming, beautiful lady. She is all anyone could desire! She might seem weird at first, but once you really get to know her, you’ll understand that she has one of the most favorable personalities! She’s extremely smart! Sometimes even smarter than her teacher! She somehow even got an 101% on her math test! How does that happen? Well, she is a Alla!
Alla has an amazing sense of humor! She loves memes and probably can’t live without them.
All the guys fall for her. Her personality is all someone would want! She’s understanding! She can even understand a snake! How does that happen? Black Magic? Well, she’s a Alla! Her gorgeous big brown eyes brings all the boys to the yard! She’s a living miracle! She might be stubborn from time to time, but she always regrets that. She thinks about others more than she thinks about her own self.

She can certainly make your day! She loves going out in public! And of course, she loves food! You might even see her getting married to a bag of chips one day-literally! And more than she loves food, we love her! Alla is amazing! Awesome Alla!
“Oh I’m having a real bad day!”
Hang on. Let me find an Alla”
by PeppaPig77 October 10, 2018
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Derives from such scum holes like Huyton, in Liverpool (for you yanks that's in the UK). Means unfair, tight, wrong. And is usually used by young car thiefs wearing lacoste track-suits(chavs basically).
Johno: Arhh kid that waz pure allas liirrd
Johno#2: I know laaa, where is that spliff?
by Thomas Machell September 23, 2005
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