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durived from a ghanian tribe....pernounced (a-kwe-ah)

hi my name is akua and i was born on a wednesday
by Jen Bunni February 03, 2010
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A beautiful girl born on Wednesday. This girl is faithful to her partner in her relationship. She is very different from most girls. She usually puts her partner before anything else.
See that pretty girl over there? She's definitely an Akua.
by itsmehi December 02, 2013
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The most sexiest person alive!! She has a beautiful smile with a hella body😍 She's usually very skinny but when she glow up she's gonna get a phattyπŸ’¦
Guy 1:Did you see her ass she must be a Akua

Guys 2: imma bang her
by Lalajezskias4562 November 29, 2016
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