the nigerian slang word used for describing a hoe or a prostitute.
that ashawo is always sleeping with men for money
by koni koni love July 30, 2011
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Also : Ashewo, asewo. A Yoruba word meaning prostitute or someone considered loose or a whore, used in Yoruba, Nigerian pidgin and used in general Pidgin as well nowadays. It comes from the words a, se, owo in Yoruba which literal meaning "picks money", derivative of how prostitutes are considered to make their money.
Example :

That girl is an Ashawo.

Leave me alone, you ashawo!
by Knowledgepikin January 5, 2022
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It's a Nigerian word ( specifically yoruba) that means prostitute, hoe, home wrecker or slut.

It's original spelling is "asewo" but it's pronounced ashawo, and since it's now part of nigerian pidgin, it's spelled ashawo.
by Livilava4 January 5, 2021
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It's a Nigerian word, specifically yoruba for prostitute, hoe or slut.
For the Ghanaians claiming the word, why. Just bc u heard Nigerian pidgin on tv, and adopted it doesn't mean it's yours.

In yoruba, the direct translation of prostitute is "ashawo or ashewo". While in twi, the direct translation is "odwamanfoɔ tuutuuni"
by Livilava4 January 5, 2021
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Ashawo is not the same as the Nigerian word "ashewo".
It's a minor difference, which is why people get it mixed up.. someone posted saying it's a Nigerian word - it's not.

ASHAWO is a word from the language Twi, from Ghana and simply means slut, prostitute, loose, easy. It can be used for a guy or girl, but is usually used for girls.
That girl is an ashawo, she has had sex with so many guys.
by Maame Serwaa January 18, 2012
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Why the hell would you even search for this in the first place?

Anyways it's basically what sex addicts are called in Nigeria
:0 Oh my God, Zora is an ashawo, like, can't she live without man in her life
by classy-cock March 30, 2022
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