Really white. Like, Macklemore levels of white. Whiter than the old ladies that clap when the plane lands.
Bruh, Taylor Swift so Akers, she uses cocaine as makeup.
by Thiccccccccccccccccccccc Daddy November 19, 2018
Very tall girl who is the most prettiest girl in the world. If you have an Aker in your life you’re super lucky. If she’s the love in your life just know she great in the sheets.
“Hey wanna hang out?”
“Can’t I’m hanging out with Aker
by Hjdndj7488383 April 1, 2018
Rather strange looking species who holiday's in Peterhead, when not collecting money with young male cadets!
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
A person who is deluded to their own opinion that they go out of their way to whine and complain in a babyish manner, and who finds boys/men very attractive and wants to suckle them 24/7. Or in simple words, a "Jack Aker"
Person 1: God damn that guy is acting like a Jack Aker
Person 2: I know right?! He's trying to brallugus that guy...
by Brugghers February 10, 2022
A mean kid who will complain about his problems to people who have worse problems, he will ruin your friendship and is a ugly eat cockroach! Never be friends with him
Liam Akers: "Hi I am Liam Akers!"
You: 'he is so mean to me'
by 1234567890 bakenator December 15, 2019