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A mean kid who will complain about his problems to people who have worse problems, he will ruin your friendship and is a ugly eat cockroach! Never be friends with him
Liam Akers: "Hi I am Liam Akers!"
You: 'he is so mean to me'
by 1234567890 bakenator December 15, 2019
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The prettiest, sweetest, funniest girl you’ll meet. She can be a dick sometimes but you can never stay mad at her. You’ll learn to love her and once you do you’ll find it hard to stop.
by 1234567890 bakenator June 28, 2021
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Tommyinnit quotes:
“La de la de la I just came back from my huge shit”
Just killed a woman, feeling’ good”
GeorgeNotFound:”How many girlfriends have you had?”
tommy: “All of them”
“How do we know this isn’t just an act of god?”
“Are you vlogging right now? Pog”
“The only person I can vouch for is me”
“Tubboooooo Mah franddddddd”
“Y’know what they call me? They call me tommy trusty”
“Y’know what they call me? They call me tommy scammy”
“I’m about to start stabbin’ shit”
Pog through the pain
“I love drugs”
“We need to find P O N K S crackden
Tommyinnit is a decrepit senile big old man *wink wink*
by 1234567890 bakenator October 22, 2020
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A crazy bus driver who talks to herself, is a boomer, hits kids, and talks about how many years of training it took to become a bus driver!
by 1234567890 bakenator December 14, 2019
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