i just went to the game today, david akers was warming up and made a bunch of 50 yard field goals
by alex14 September 18, 2006
realest g, coolest guy on the planet .aker is a respected vip family
omg is that zack aker
by quifgau[ofgsoufhsufw October 1, 2019
"Check your emails!" "Turn it down" -Mr Akers
by BigBootyNickname43 November 2, 2017
The Premier of Belgium during the Second World War. Noted for it being a very Continental name, with a pretty sound.
"I was just walking down the street and he was, like, so Achille Van Aker."
"Like the 3 times Prime Minister of Belgium known as the father of the Belgian social security system"
by John Angliss June 24, 2006
Imaginary pen - usually at one end of the table - where any particularly far or unattractive women are sent to be seduced by any bloke in the group who is partial to going hogging or is just horrendously drunk.
"So mate your bird's friends on facebook are utter warpigs. They're not coming are they?"

"They are mate, but it's OK, we'll just chuck them in the Akers bin"
by urban_dingo August 7, 2012
a synonym for ‘sick
man that flip was so akers
by gracegiffy February 20, 2021
shes a fucking weirdo. she like to have large black jizz in her face everyday.
she wants a miss aker.
by jimbobbillyjean December 6, 2011