a synonym for ‘sick
man that flip was so akers
by gracegiffy February 20, 2021
Emil Aker is a man of his wisdom, he only does what he thinks is fun. Men called Emil often attract women easily, and can get laid very fast. The definition of Aker on the other hand, often means that he will be obese and always lose in the game of Ping Pong.
I would like to be like an Emil Aker, he gets so many girls even though he is officially obese .
by Chickenwing Ding December 12, 2016
mind-ak•er / mīnd-āker / noun
a person, place, or thing so awesome it makes your mind ache just thinking about it.
Check out this sweet pocket knife...it's a mind-aker!
by Mind-Aker July 28, 2022