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A Medium size town situated on the North-East tip of Scotland. The town was founded 300 years ago by one family, who were so up for inbreeding that they managed to raise the towns population to nearly 20,000.

Peterhead's local inhabitants the 'blue tooners' love fish, or fash as they refer to it. This is thought to be one of the contributing factors to why the town has a vile smell in the morning. To find out what the second factor is, just go and stand in-amoungst some local 'quines' on a saterday night in Dejavu.

Peterhead locals seem to think that the area between Peterhead and Fraserburgh is the world, and that Aberdeen is ultimately the universe. However, this is only because most of them have only been as far as Union Street in Aberdeen or somewhere even worse such as Turrif. The rivalry between Scaghead and Fraserburgh 'the broch' is also intense, with both towns battling it out for Scotland's most drug ridden town. Fraserburgh is currently in the lead, but Peterhead is still strongly in the lead with the inbreeding title.

Never go on a Peterhead night out. Not only is the best club in the town a scum infested, pub sized club called cube, but your probably likely to get beaten up or raped by women, who are much larger than the males. Not only this, but if you get drunk enough to sleep with one, she won't make you a cup of tea in the morning as she will have work on the boats
Blue Tooner: Where am I?

Only Tourist to have ever visited: Peterhead, my cruise ship crashed.
by Monty1990 October 14, 2009
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