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When Three Guys have sex with one girl at the same time sealing all of her holes up (Ass hole, Mouth and Pussy).
My two budies and I air locked this chick last night.
by tzj June 28, 2006
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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1. V. To put someone in an airlock, as on a spacecraft, and open the exterior door, releasing them into space. Preferred method of execution of Laura Roslin, President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

2. V. Figuratively, to remove someone's capability to respond, as on an Internet forum or game.
1. President Roslin ordered the Cylon prisoner airlocked, as it had become too dangerous to the Fleet alive.

2. The moderators frequently airlock spammers.
by jsredwall October 19, 2006
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An absence of alcohol or an abrupt cut off of alcohol supply just as people have started getting tipsy.

Basically when the alcohol finishes just as people started enjoying it.
Friend 1: Shit the alcohol is done and Garry will only be back from the shops in an hour.

Friend 2: Oh no, we are going to go through air lock for a whole hour!
by Mai09 December 27, 2018
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Up the Arse, Up the cunt and in the mouth at the same time. Three guys on one bitch.
by Mook_c October 17, 2003
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When two people press their butts together so that their anuses form an air-tight seal, allowing for the transfer of poop and/or furry rodents.
Jill and Josie wanted to poop back and forth forever so they dropped trow and formed an airlock.
by Ducks3562 April 21, 2020
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Sexual penetration with man in frontal penetration of woman and another man in rear penetration of same woman.
Hold onto this Ho dennis while I climb on for an airlock.
by pkjones_hommie April 22, 2003
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