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When Three Guys have sex with one girl at the same time sealing all of her holes up (Ass hole, Mouth and Pussy).
My two budies and I air locked this chick last night.
by tzj June 28, 2006
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1. V. To put someone in an airlock, as on a spacecraft, and open the exterior door, releasing them into space. Preferred method of execution of Laura Roslin, President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

2. V. Figuratively, to remove someone's capability to respond, as on an Internet forum or game.
1. President Roslin ordered the Cylon prisoner airlocked, as it had become too dangerous to the Fleet alive.

2. The moderators frequently airlock spammers.
by jsredwall October 19, 2006
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Up the Arse, Up the cunt and in the mouth at the same time. Three guys on one bitch.
by Mook_c October 17, 2003
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Sexual penetration with man in frontal penetration of woman and another man in rear penetration of same woman.
Hold onto this Ho dennis while I climb on for an airlock.
by pkjones_hommie April 22, 2003
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Docking with two or more individuals.
During there yearly visit to the Schvitz Ed, Bob and Dave AirLocked in the steam room.
by Chedda B87 May 01, 2010
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To use ones scrotum and stretch it over the face of a male or female and cut off the air supply to the nose and mouth.
She said she wanted to lick my balls so I stretched my sack over her face and airlocked her.
by bsipe July 30, 2009
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