device commonly used to interrupt one's high school band practice the week prior to the big homecoming parade. may also be coupled with the use of profanity being aimed towards the band director (band director will usually become angered because the band is his or hers greatest accomplishment in life)
*long blast of one or multiple air horns* "eat camel cock,(insert band directors name)!!!"
by Jaquarius Jackson-Jones III September 5, 2010
A pipey, gassy thing that goes BRRRRTTT BRRRRTTT and pisses everyone off.
Hold on, i need to test my new air horn
by Mr. Willy November 7, 2007
when you are receiving a rim job. You pull the giver close and fart in their mouth. You cause the giver's mouth to expand.
I was getting a rusty trombone but it wasn't very good. So I gave her an air horn instead.
by smittah March 12, 2011
The act of inverting an air horn into the anus or vagina to use it's echo as a vibrator
Wait you still use a shower head I us an air horn
by Banana crunch November 16, 2019
When your partner passes wind while receving anal oral servitude.
Jonno got Air horned by his girlfriend while licking out her anus
by Von Katagen May 10, 2006
Erection (also known as an Air-ection) caused by a combination of vibration, temperature and pressure - usually experienced in Economy Class air travel where your seatbelt is 'fastened low and tight' and the seats are upright in any position.
Flew the red-eye home from Perth last night, copped a painful Air Horn that must've lasted at least an hour.
by dial_MIKE December 29, 2011
When a insane bump happens in a CZW show and a fan in the crowd goes crazy with a air horn to show appreciation to the insane bump usually through light tubes, barbed wire, fire or some other dangerous object.
*Zandig hits the mother f'n bomb onto Mondo through a glass pain on fire*

* czw air horn fan goes crazy*
by Lord Mountevans December 9, 2016