adj. Extreme in degree or nature. Surfer undertones.
Mondo wave, bra.
by jizzlebertus July 24, 2003
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Mondo is a character from the franchise Danganronpa but after chapter 2 gets turned into a tub of butter. So basically just butter.
Danganronpa fan 1: Hey dude pass me the Mondo!
Danganronpa fan 2: I hate you so much... like so much. Do you want to end up like Chihiro?
by chihiro is best boi October 27, 2019
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An outrageous kelm cooking stink shit that gets caught in the gullut of the toilet
“Woah; Allie just mando’d

“I can tell I’m boutta lay one down my stomachs already speaking mandonease”

“I just layed down a mondo
by Mondonear July 14, 2020
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The sixth stage in the Special Zone of Super Mario World.
Mondo is a level with rising and falling water. While you're swimming, it's difficult to evade the Amazing Flyin Hammer Bro that flies from side to side.
by OgnarPliskin January 15, 2010
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The quintessential word of the English language, mondo can be used as an adjective, adverb or a noun. It expresses general feelings of approval when used as an adjective, but when used as an adverb it can substitute the word "very." As a noun, it is used to generalize the mondo mentality. This word is best used in a rhyming phrase, such as "mondo like a condo."
"She's cool, but she sure ain't mondo!"
"That was mondo awesome!"
"You just can't handle this mondo!"
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"Dude, you're so Mondo."
by RickAKATeddy February 3, 2010
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