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The most violent wrestling promotion in the United stated. They do stuff thats not even legal.
Wifebeater actualy uses a weedwhacker on people at CZW events.
by pw94 October 11, 2009
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The most ultraviolent wrestling you will ever see.
Ultraviolent Death Matches, Bring Your Own Weapons (where the crowd bring stuff like lightbulbs and sheets of glass.

And that Sick Nick Mondo is just plain sick
by The Gloved Gardener May 21, 2003
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Combat Zone Wrestling is an independant wrestling promotion based around the east coast area. Owner and wrestler John Zandig (real name: John Corso) has spent the last six years developing his promotion into what it is today: a sickening, grotesque, and just plain stupid brand of wrestling that he likes to call "Ultraviolent."
Combat Zone Wrestling: Extreme Championship Wrestling on crack.
by ECW For Life May 20, 2005
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CZW is a glorified backyard wrestling promotion where wrestlers think that wrestling is only about bashing each other over the heaps with weapons and high spots to cover over the fact that they can't work a technical match if their lives depeneded on it (except Chris Hero).
It takes No talent to do a chair shot. CZW sucks ass. The only thing worse was XPW.
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus August 03, 2008
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