Ageist = discrimination on the basis of age.

Agist = graze cattle on pasture for payment.
It will cost you xxx to agist your stock on my land.
by Celebris August 21, 2016
To discriminate against somebody's age. Telling some one he/she is too young to do something. It's like being sexist but against age.
A: You're too young for this movie, it says 15+ and you're just 12.
B: You're such an agist
by Night Singer July 20, 2015
Someone who uses agism, usually by an adult who obviously cannot remember his or her childhood becuase if they did they'd think that kids deserve rights.
TV-14 is an agist rating.
Saying that kids under 21 can't look at adult porn is agist.
Saying that kids under 18 can't vote is also agist. Maybe their vote shouldn't have been rated as well as the adults' votes are, but EVERYONE deserves their opinion.

This is what is NOT a form of agism:
Saying that kids under 16 aren't allowed to drive a car.
Saying that kids under 21 can't drink beer.
Saying that someone at a certain age is better than someone at another age (agism is about age rights, not abilities.)
by Agist hater July 9, 2004
A person who discriminates against people that are not their age.
Donny wouldn't let me hang out with him since I'm only 15. He is such an agist!
by humandonut August 26, 2015
Age racist.
Racism towards age
Prischki: I know i'm 16 and i'm in 18+ only section but you don't have to be so agist towards me.
by Nugs92 July 9, 2018
Judging someone by his or her age.
Alex is very agist, he won't hang out with me because i am three years younger than him.
by chloe schloegel January 29, 2018
To discriminate people because of their age.
Middle schools are agist because they don't let eighth graders wear caps.
by CazzyandJ July 16, 2017