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A New York State exam. There are Earth science, biology, and chemistry regents, math sequential A and B regents, english regents, F-Language regents, Global/American History regents, and God-knows-what-else regents.
I've taken Bio, Global, and Earth science and they were easier than the teachers made it seem.
by Loki July 25, 2003
metal band (yes, they are metal) known for singing about politics, though they sing about a lot of other stuff too. some of their songs do not have a definate meaning and are open for interpretation. some of them might be about nothing. system takes a lot of heat for singing about the war and the problems in america, when a lot of other bands do the same (and only to follow suit on the trend that hating America has become). SOAD is a band with convictions, talent and honest beliefs that they share with their fans in their songs, and they are generally well-liked. usually the only people who are offended by system of a down are rednecks and overzealous conservatives.
I love system of a down and own all of their albums.
by Loki August 25, 2004
1. A child's term for an injury, usually something minor, like a scrape or bruise.

2. That annoying little cohort of Yogi Bear's.

3. My cat.
1. "Mommy, I fell off my bike and got a boo-boo!"

2. "Heeey, Boo-Boo!"

3. "Boo-Boo, get off the table!"
by Loki July 3, 2003
A person or persons overly concerned with safety in every situation.
"Be careful those fireworks will blow your arms and legs off!" "Oh Mercedes, Are you the chief of the safety police?"
by Loki September 27, 2005
a word used to descirbe a homosexual into graffiti
by Loki February 25, 2004
Popular online RPG chat from 1998-2001. Most chat goers portrayed anime characters and their likenesses. Others invented their own characters and story lines. Many relationships and special "bonds" formed during those years.
It began as a large, multi-room chat with full lists of who was in a room that could be seen without entering. Later, the chats could only be accessed if you had a link to the specific cat room. A list of bravnet chat room links was compiled by TenchiUniverse, a bravenet legend. Among these most popular bravnet chats were: My Tenchi Chat (MTC), Gundam Wing Chat (GWC), Sailor Moon and Anime (SM&A) and the epic DBZ Bar.
by Loki October 27, 2007
An alias of Loki. Used usually with demons or cushman morons.
Ubeldaemon: ... are you Loki?
Loki: Of course not! It's me, Sambuka!
Ubeldaemon: Oh! Sambuka! I'd recognise you anywhere!
Loki: *grin*
by Loki January 14, 2004