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One word most people will say, "Hey that's my word!" or "I made that word up!"

Sometimes used as meh.

Used to show confusion.
Math Teacher: M times(3+489 to the 76th power) times IDT divided by E, times the square root of RM to the 32nd power...

Students #1, #3, #10008: WHAAAAAT?
Student #2: merf.
Hermione-like student: M+I+D+T+E+R+M!
All other students: Groan!
Loki: *sets school on fire*
by Loki January 14, 2004
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it means every thing is better then alright
the best of the best there is no equal
first person :- yo dude hows it going
second person :- its all millie man
yo that gurl is millie dude
by Loki August 07, 2004
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Braavosi is the only one here who really is right. Loki is pronounced as "low-key" or, by some people, "low-kye."
by Loki July 19, 2003
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An alternate spelling of the term 'low key' meaning a person who keeps things on the low so no one knows.
This man is loki, ain't no one gonna know something he knows.
by Loki February 17, 2005
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The angel of death. God's sword-arm. He was responsible for the flood that lasted 40 days and nights, the destruction of Soddom and Gohmorrah, and several other things.
Also my long-time name online. Anyone with the name of Loki thats a moron is NOT me, but an imposter.
by Loki November 15, 2004
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One who is turned on by the thought of gettin' nasty with a corpse.
by Loki July 20, 2003
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A hippie wannabe who is probably blonde and thinks stuff like diversity and PETA are good, yet believes that those who believe in God are stupid.
Hippies were not atheist, therefore PeachyKeen is not a hippie.

The Real World - check it out~
by Loki June 28, 2003
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