the girl who has many secrets. She won't tell anyone that she was sad and lonely. Probably she has many problem but she don't like to share with everyone. She don't have many friends but she will appreciate her true friend. She will try her very best to fix her relationship or her friend's. A good listener. Not easy to fall in love. Love to do jokes. A funny, humble, and shy person. Strong girl. Genius one. Love to do stupid things. Cries a lot.
by jiminjamless December 28, 2016
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Adriana is a strange girl! she can be the most mental person, or the most chill person you have met. dont push her buttons or she can burn you, be careful she can be the biggest bitch ever, you can never defeat her.
by idek lol die January 04, 2019
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hott and sexin badly. she got it goin on baby
daym lil mama, adriana is f i n e
by B00 June 07, 2006
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A very nice sexy girl that will love you no matter wat :) she doesnt have many friends but she stays strong. She tends to get put down and hurt easily by so many people but she doesnt let that phase her. She will be happy most of the time and easily knows how to put a smile on your face when you are down. She is very funny and very clumbsy haha she just can make your day. She knows how to please the man she with she can grant all your wishes all you gotta do is ask ;) haha She will have your back no matter what. she cares for everybody so she got chu.
dayum look at adriana ;) she got me
by love love love love love love February 05, 2010
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definitely the baddest bitch you will ever meet. periott
person 1: "yoo whos that"
person 2: "thats adriana, shes a bad bitch"
person 1: "shes ugly..."
by adrianaparkerrrr May 25, 2020
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Adriana looks like Ariana grande, she has a singing voice like Justin Bieber, dances like michael jackson, she looks like a million bucks, she laughs like a strong woman, she is a super cool girl who is super popular. adriana has a great butt and will definitly steal your man.
omg becky look at that butt
ikr, its so big
lets go be friends with her
i bet her name is adriana
by HAPPPY!!!!!!!!! May 22, 2018
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