the new song from chris brown...which is a song about sex mostly but it's good
it ain't my 1st time but baby girl we can pretend
take this bump and grind girl tonight will never end
can i take you down
i really wanna take you down
and show you what i'm about
let me take you down
your body body
by neseychild November 9, 2007
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Basicly Its Jus Sayin Dat Chris Brown Is Jus Explainin His First Time When He Has His First Time
by Lil Mizs Keke July 11, 2008
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Also an antiquated reference to giving you a very bad beating administered by anyone, upon anyone, but once particularly common in reference to domestic violence.
In addition to being one of many sexual references in The 30's classic Minnie the Moocher, this is also a reference to a bad beating.

"I ever catch you here again, I'm going to take you down to Chinatown."
by Sanquinarius November 19, 2009
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When a person wanks off a man with their armpit. Can also mean anal sex
While watching the penguin's game in the local bar, a woman in a Steeler's jersey comes up and asks, "Can I take you down to Pittsburgh?" The man replies,"I got 10 minutes."
by The Real What!? November 12, 2015
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a phrase which is uttered by a man who is about to sodomize another person. Conversely, can be uttered by the sodomee or by someone who wants to perform/receive anilingus.
You better turn that frown upsidedown, cuz i'm about to take you down to brown town baby
by ScribbleyDoibus September 10, 2010
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To lower someone's inflated ego or self-image, to debase.
Ho: "I went to this women's rights rally the other day. It made me realize that I'm not just a piece of meat and I have feelings and I don't want to put up with this any.."
Pimp: (interrupts) "Shut up bitch!" ***SMACK!*** "That oughta take you down a peg or two."
by Nick D May 14, 2004
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To offer another an evening of heroin and gay sex.
As he tapped his foot under the wall of the neighboring stall, Jeff quietly whispered "I would like to Take you down to Chinatown".
by Billy Shakespeare December 13, 2008
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