A female who is fine,caring and nurturing to their man!
Hey there, lil mama!
whoa lil mama!!
by Robert February 17, 2005
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Woman or female interest

Place of Origin: New Orleans, LA
Date of Origin: Unknown
Popularized: late 1990's-Present.
Wassup, lil mama? how you doin?
Whoa, lil mama!
Wuz hap'n, lil mama!
by Michael Griffin December 1, 2003
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Slang for a young lady who is a friend or homie. More than an associate less than a sibling
Sup lil mama, where you been
by Mr_007 January 14, 2020
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The kind of abomination that would result from crossing Sesame Street with Snoop Dogg. Basically Lil Bow Wow with tits.
Lil Mama has a song all about a special shade of lip gloss...yes lip gloss. Another of her songs is basically a gangsta rap take on the Wheels on the Bus song. I wish I was making this up...
by JeremyWolf March 8, 2008
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To be part of something in which you were not invited or expected to be a part of (as per Lil' Mama posing with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at the end of a televised performance of "Empire State of Mind")
"That guy totally Lil' Mama'd my picture"
"This girl always Lil' Mama's my parties"
by tauraidingo November 22, 2009
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A person that act out of character that you can’t take serious
Mike is usually a serious guy but today he acting like a lil mama
by Kado(BayBay) May 9, 2018
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