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a person, commonly a female, that can not function properly with out some dick or can not get dick off their mind.
That tramp is adickted she wants it more than you wanna give it to her.
by Pompous Smurf July 28, 2006
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1) A girl who can not stop thinking about dick
2) Any woman who becomes addicted to their husband's, boyfriend's, or lover's penis.
3) shortened; A Dick (named) Ted
1) That bitch is adickted, man
2) My girlfriend wont stop begging for sex, she's adickted
3) HEY! there goes Ted, that dick! yup, he sure is adickted!
by Sagar_the_Grim May 10, 2008
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When one guy from a group of friends follows another guy from the group of friends. This is usually the most hated friend or disliked friend in the group. Usually tries to act cool or be funny when he is actually being a total retard.
A- Dude Walter follows me everywhere at school.

B- Thats because hes adickted.
by Wolfin4ter April 28, 2009
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