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Slang for get me a beer....the act of needing a beer, espically when somebody is on their way to the fridge to get another.
I'm runnin low, beer me.
by Pompous Smurf October 04, 2006

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a person, commonly a female, that can not function properly with out some dick or can not get dick off their mind.
That tramp is adickted she wants it more than you wanna give it to her.
by Pompous Smurf July 28, 2006

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A tail pipe commonly put on rice racers to make a slow car seem faster by making it sound loud,an excessively large exhaust on a car, causing it to have a "farty" sound. rice Pipes are most commonly found on cheap, front-wheel drive imports (see honda civic or mitsubishi eclipse) that 16 year old kids who watch The "fast and furious" series like its some kind of religion. The rice pipe can be identified by one of many tests. 1) If the cross section of the muffler or muffler tip is GREATER than the contact patch on the car's tires, the exhaust is a rice pipe. 2)If the muffler is larger than the displacement of the motor, it is a rice pipe. 3) if the ricer takes off in his riced out car and the exhaust is louder than his stereo, it is declared a rice pipe. 4) and last but not least, if any piece of the exhaust system was purchased at Pep Boys, Autozone, or any other ricer oriented store, it is most likely a rice pipe.
Look at that rice pipe, that probably cost more than the car is worth.
by Pompous Smurf December 20, 2006

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a dumb ass cunt, a bitch who pisses you off, acts like she don't know whats goin on, or when she is supposed to leave
What is that d.a.c. beth doin here?
by Pompous Smurf July 21, 2006

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this is basically a bum, you know your friend that always comes around and don't have a job but always wants a bite of your food one of your beers or cigarettes and possibly your drugs if you have any, basically like a roach that lives in your house they are hard to get rid of and never contribute to any kind of cause
Quit ya roachin and get a job!
by Pompous Smurf July 27, 2006

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A old school nick name for Fort Worth, Tx. it was said that a panther roamed down town back in the day.
You wanna go kick it in Panther City?
by Pompous Smurf July 21, 2006

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When you ate somethin really hot and when you proceed to deficate it burns your rectum.
That food gave me the flamin shits, i tried to wet the toilet paper to put out the fire.
by Pompous Smurf July 26, 2006

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