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Ego activist (noun): 1. "activist" more occupied with stroking their tender ego than actually helping the cause, and/or using actions done for a cause to glorify themselves.
"Sarah is such an ego-activist. When I visited her, she spent half the time bragging about how much her solar panel arrays were reducing net carbon emissions and power grid stress."
by hhubs November 21, 2015
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When a group or organisation is infiltrated by those representing minority interests in such a way that they gain significant influence or control and then use this to push their desired agenda.

Activist capture is usually a deliberate process initiated by outsiders of the group or organisation. Tactics include: *Making demands for representation, often citing a lack thereof
*Calls for allyships
*Forming of a bloc that is used to drown out individual members and amplify their own voices
* Liberal use and accusations of "isms" and "phobias" designed to force compliance through fear
*Threats or intimidation if the above doesn't work

Activist capture is a strategy used when it is highly unlikely that a brand new group representing activist interests will gain anywhere near the power or influence of the existing one.
The Labour party was subject to activist capture by the pro-Corbyn Momentum group.
by 77ax March 29, 2021
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Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of an often controversial argument
I am a "Social Activist" and I would like to spread knowledge, and support charities and our brothers and sisters in arms.
by FreedomFighter5543 August 31, 2010
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1) A person who legally and lawfully exercises their right to make their oppostion to war and military action known. Ideally, their protests are a result of their moral or philosophical objections.

2) A person, usually college-aged, woefully uninfomred about the nature of certain conflicts in the world. Often makes rash statements based on surface and incorrect assumptions. This is usually a result of reactionary behavior.
Jody is a peace activist. She reads too much Noam Chomsky.
by Red Devil Slim April 8, 2004
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A complete idiot who would rather sell out his country and economy to a bunch of wetbacks and beaners. Also known as MECHA, LA RAZA, and other ignorant morons. Typically believes that the Southwest U.S. was stolen from Mexico. Likes to coddle beaners and give them free social services at the expense of tax-paying U.S. citizens.
1. Those stupid beaner activists burned a U.S. flag downtown today.

2. Emergency rooms are closing because of beaner activists!
by John from LA December 13, 2006
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Someone who wears a t-shirt for for a cause, but does nothing further to support that cause, and knows little about it.
He's wearing a Greenpeace shirt but he's never even donated to Greenpeace! He's a cotton activist.
by stinkydinker February 12, 2018
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Someone who fights for social equality but is condescending to the minority group by deciding what is offensive for them.
A white woman told an african american man that he shouldn't say the n-word. She is such a Hypocrite Activist.
by Radical-Centrist November 21, 2020
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