people who gossip behind other's back
She's a shit talker and many people wants to jump her for that.
by trinh February 27, 2005
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1. One who talks shit
2. One who talks to others while shitting
1. No one likes a shit talker
2. No one likes a shit talker
by breadtoe February 17, 2013
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A shit talker is what 99% of people under25 years of age are, especially when around other "shit talkers" who like try try to impress other idiots of their age group, to try to appear "worldly" or "knowledgeable" about something they know absolutely nothing about. Shit talkers are silent around adults, (people over 35) because they realize that people who have lived a while have heard plenty of bullshit talk and are not impressed by juveniles babbling bullshit.
See also: liar, punk.
A black or white shit talker is generally a wannabe gangster, because they need a group of people around them to back up their mouth, and to feel like they're "tough" All gang members are "shit talkers".
by shomesomethin June 30, 2010
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People that have no lives, want attention, make up stuff about others to make them seem bad, and judge others:)
Shit talker to a friend: Ew she's so ugly.
Friend: I know, ew.
by <<3 May 5, 2006
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a person who talks out of their ass because they have no life, and they are probably ugly as fuck. They also deserve to have a pineapple shoved up their ass, and beaten with a baseball bat.
shit talker: hi that girl fat
friend: why are you talking shit
shit talker: because im an ugly fuck who has no life
by kim munson March 29, 2010
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someone who has no life, most likely ugly as fuck, and think that gossiping behind other's backs makes them superior, when in reality, it makes that person look like a bitch! The funny shit about these pussies is that you can talk shit in their faces and they wont do shit!
I fucked that bitch up last week for being a constant shit talker!
by TKM213 January 28, 2011
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A person who talks shit
Everyone who talks shit on people on this webite is a shit talker. -And for the people who are too scared to put there name....see PUSSY.
by tommy May 11, 2003
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