People who instead of doing something (proactive) about what they perceive to be an issue, whine posting passive-agressive shit and long boring texts with faulty logic all over the internet.
They usually live with their mother seeking the affection of the only being that likes them.

In academia they usually are the one annoying nerd that nobody likes who usually whines in the uni's subreddit about most professors not being strict enough.
- Did you read the last rant from our favourite overgrown fetus?
- No what was it about?
- He's just unhappy that everyone got an extention to the semester project without a grade reduction.
- What a guy, he should mind his own bussiness, no wonder why his girlfriend is still attached to his body.
Hasn't he learned yet to do shit instead of practising that keyboard activist crap?
by signedupjusttopostthis November 14, 2014
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One who sits in their armchair or desk chair and blogs or posts Activists issues on facebook without ever really doing anything about said issues or exercising any form of activism as it would require that person to actually leave the armchair.
Jackie sure can talk up a big game on the issues, but she's not going to do anything about them -- she's an Armchair Activist.
by eshook February 19, 2011
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Someone who hopelessly devotes all their time to improving major websites. Their normal lives will be uneventful, working 25 hours a week at a local pet shop. Do not be fooled. This person will typically love special interest forums and Wikipedia.
Person 1: Whats up with Bob? He's become such an internet activist lately.

Person 2: Yeah, I know. Yesterday he answered 208 questions on yahoo, then searched Wikipedia to see if anyone fucked with Obama's page.
by Gamblingman84 September 29, 2011
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A term used to describe a person who acts like an activist, but from a metaphorical armchair — i.e., from a mostly or totally inactive, theoretical position.

Inherent in the meaning of armchair revolutionary is the idea that the person knows that their ideas require them to be physically involved in political struggles, but that instead the person chooses to be intentionally ignorant or dismissive of real-world issues and problems, in an attempt to continue believing in the false reality their views create. In this way the armchair revolutionary is often regarded to see the world in at least a quasi-idealist manner, i.e., one relative solely to his or her own perceptions, rather than bothering with what s/he should really do — to absorb the physical and practical reality s/he would be compelled to see around him/her if s/he stopped the alleged "political posturing" and became an activist in actual political causes
Jessica: The soup kitchen in our town closed down but we don't care! KONY 2012 WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

Andy: Posting Kony statuses still? You're such an armchair activist.
by comealongpond2050 March 10, 2012
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A term Republicans and the religious right use to describe judges who make rulings based on the Constitution rather than the Bible or the Republican party platform
Free speech applies to everyone not just conservatives.
Freedom of religion applies to everyone not just Christians.
The "Equal Protection" clause of the 14th amendment applies to everyone not just white male heterosexual Christians. When courts make rulings acknowledging these simple truths Republicans call them activist judges.
by Mr.Juan-derful October 9, 2010
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Where people only participate on activism online instead of partaking in it directly, or in a way that will matter. Often Proxy Activism.
Jane is a proxy activist, thinking that what she does online matters more than real work.
by The Holy Dominion June 20, 2020
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A person who posts and reposts memes everyday on Facebook and Twitter hoping to get a rise out of people and change their political stances and/or religious views. These people rarley if never go outside of their homes and do any real activism such as collecting names for a petition, holding signs, occupying spaces to make statements, majoring in politics in college and actually proposing or changing laws. They usually are just bummed out with the way things are going in life because their lack of work ethic, self sacrifice, and overall poor life decisions have led them to feel as though someone else is to blame and the best way they can get back at them is to post a meme on Facebook.
Dude, everyday this meme activist posts another shitty meme thinking it'll lead to some real change in the world. I wonder what he does for a living? Is he contributing to anything at all in society?
by Black tar heroine March 4, 2018
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