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Application by Adobe for viewing PDF documents in Windows. Necessary for many tasks but generally a pain in the ass because it's bloated and slow.
Fucking damnit all of those motherboard manuals are in .pdf format and I don't have Acrobat installed and I'm on dialup and FUCK
by nezwick August 29, 2006

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Slang term for compact or subcompact short-wheelbase SUVs such as the Chevrolet/Geo Tracker or the Suzuki Sidekick. Sometimes "pimped" by rednecks by adding ridiculously huge tires, fog lights, rollbars, and the like. Typically ridiculed by most, until one realises how economical they can be. Jeeplets tend to have a high rollover risk but can be quite capable on offroad courses if modified correctly.
(H2 owner): You look so gay driving that little jeeplet around. What's it got, a four-banger? Lame.
(Person 2): Perhaps... But at least I don't get 2 miles per gallon driving that wasteful, American pile of shit!
by nezwick July 19, 2006

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A small trunk originally designed to fit under the bunk of a steamship cabin.
...your darkest secret safely packed away/ up in my steamer trunk. -Alkaline Trio
by nezwick May 22, 2006

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(Past tense) Slang term in the IT world meaning to make an exact image of an entire hard drive, or one or more of its partitions, for the purpose of backup or large-scale setups such as computer labs. Also known as drive cloning, etc.
Tech 1: Fuck, dude, help me fix this server, I just knocked it off the table while it was running and now it won't detect the hard drive! If we don't get this up soon, the admin is going to fux0r us!

Tech 2: Calm down man, I ghosted the primary hard drive yesterday so I have a backup.
by nezwick August 29, 2006

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