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Derived from "Shit Yeah", this saying expresses either great joy or agreement with either a speaker or an ongoing situation.
"Hey do you want to get some Ice-Cream"
by sitcheh September 18, 2007

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'Smile in appreciation', as a logical replacement for LOL, when one is not actually laughing.
'Why did the acrobat reader document get arrested?"
' Because it was a PDF File'
by sitcheh October 23, 2008

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A piss weak attempt to pick someone up (liking a photo or a lame comment)
Scotty is throwing down those 1%s incase it doesn't work out with his missus.
by sitcheh August 23, 2017

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a pedophile, a child molesteror. From 'PDF File', the file used by 'acrobat reader'.
'That Bill Henson is a real acrobat'
by sitcheh October 23, 2008

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