A word used usually on AIM or on the phone. It is a POS (parent over shoulder)kind of thing. When someone for example a parent or sybling is around when you are on AIM you could randomly type achoo to hint to tht person on aim not to say something. Say you were on the phone though and your friend wants you to say something but you cant because someone is around..you simply ACHOO. The friend wil take the usualy take the hint and change the subject.
You cant sneeze though..you must say achoo in away tht cant be confused with a sneeze.

hottie567: omg so how far did u get w/ brandon last night
girlieXgirl: ACHOO
hottie567:ohh so what do you think of Amber..shes such a whore

girlieXgirl obviously had someone around && she did not want them knowing about her and brandon
by pshhhXXXyea June 19, 2006
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1. adj; a sound implying quick movement
2. noun; someone bad in bed
3. verb; to sneeze
1. "ACHOO! The fool straight ran past"'

2. Person A "How was he in the sack?"
Person B "He was a freakin' achoo! He must have blown his load in 8 seconds!"

3. Did you just achoo?
by Ryan and Katie October 05, 2003
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A sound that you make when you sneeze. People day bless you if you sneeze. Now days they RUN
Person :achoo
Person 2 : RUN .
by Snail b!tches July 20, 2020
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