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Bipolar/ mood swing-y girl/ just a bitch who constantly wears abercrombie/ american eagle/ polo
1: I can't believe we only met 5 minutes ago, marry me!
2: No, i won't i've only known you for 3 days
1: Why do you take things so quickly, why would I marry you, you could be a dipshit! We're like so totally over!
2: You're a frickin' abercrombie and bitch!
by B to the Rizzle February 28, 2007
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When a girl lays down on a surfboard naked, puts her legs behind her head, and a guy, wearing only a scarf, sits on her head so she plays with his loosechange, and he puts his penis in her pussy. Also, the guy must look like he isn't satisfied.
Bob: Did you hear about John and Betty?
Fred: Ya, they got together last night!
Bob: Not only that, he made her his abercrombie and Bitch!
by Nick Salcedo November 10, 2009
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When a a girl dresses up in A&F and looks like a total bitch/slut. Can also be shortened to A&B.
Bruh, That girl Casey over there is a total Abercrombie and Bitch.
by WonderMacaroni December 15, 2014
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