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abercrombie bitch: n.
someone who will only...

1-buy army cargos just for 80$ for one night with one other friend

2-whose everything (including underwear and pjs)come from abercrombie

3- when its a big deal when "omg i got this bra at victoria's secret!" (not abercrombie)

4- known as the abercrombie girl

5- thinks that thrift store clothing has rabies

6- the abercrombie and fitch label means everything

7- it's in fashion if its at abercrombie

8- her dream boyfriend is an abercrombie model

in a sentence: the abercrombie bitch was dressed head to toe in abercrombie. none of it on sale. and was worth about 1000 dollars.
for all of these see "laura" as an abercrombie bitch
by syddie December 21, 2005

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