First off, I used to work as an in store model in the London store of Abercrombie and Fitch. I didn't go for the job because i loved the store or the clothes(actually i'd never even been in!), i got scouted and thought i'd have a go as i need some extra money. At the interveiw/casting we had our pictures taken and then sat in a group and were asked questions. One of which was "why do you think diversity is important in the work place?"i answered the question and didn't give it another thought until I got the job and went for the training day. We sat in a small room waiting to start and i look around. Every single girl in the room was over 5'8", thin and gorgeous. Every guy was muscular tanned and very attractive. As the day went on and the rules came out it got more and more clear that they didn't want even the tinest bit of diversity. They have a mold and the expect you to stick to it. Everyday before you work you are checked by the "visual" team. If they deem you unfit to take the floor, you get put in the stock room underground. I completely agree with some of the people saying "it's just a store! let people wear what they want!" but at the end of the day it's not. It's a brand image that makes kids believe you're nothing if you're not perfect.
by Cassie A July 4, 2009
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A retail line where if they suddenly decided that breathing wasn't cool, half the people in this world, especially the preps, would die.
Wow, that article on Abercrombie and Fitch is so cool..that anorexic girl is having unprotected sex on a snowy mountain while riding an elk!
by kewltrunkz January 13, 2005
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Abercrombie and Fitch started out as a hunting, fishing, safari, camping,and outdoor store in New York City in the 1800's. It was originally Abercrombie, but eventually David Abercrombie partnered with a man named Ezra Fitch,a regular customer and lawyer, thus forming Abercrombie and Fitch. Over the years, Abercrombie and Fitch became one of the nations largest sporting goods suppliers, in fact, it even outfitted Charles Lindbergh for his historic flight across the Atlantic in 1927. In 1978, Abercrombie is bought by Oshman's sporting goods. In 1988 it was sold to another company,The Limited. By this time, it had become the Abercrombie that we know today, selling clothing. It became a dormant company for a few years and then was spun off from The Limited and became it's own company again, Abercrombie and Fitch. It made a come back and became popular nationwide. Today Abercrombie and Fitch owns several other clothing companies, Hollister Co.,Abercrombie(the kids version of Abercrombie and Fitch), and Ruehl 925, a small clothing store based in New York City's Greenwich village. It is slowly expanding into several other cities.
Today A&F has 363 Abercrombie and Fitch stores,176 Abercrombie stores,249 Hollister Co. stores, 4 Ruehl 925 stores, making a tottal of 792 tottal stores across 4 brands.
Soon it will be opening 3 more Ruehl 925 stores.
Cool Guy: I love A&F!
Hott Chick: I know, now let's make out! PAssionatly!
by bluestorm100 March 23, 2005
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Brand of clothing that is popular among high school jocks, college frat kids and other unpretentious people.

Hipsters and emo fans hate it because the conformity and perceived airheaded-ness of Abercrombie shoppers reminds them of what they try to avoid becoming, but end up as anyway.
Abercrombie and Fitch is apart of a form of clothing style that is sucessful because it doesn't completely revolve around a music genre, thus causing all the scene kiddies to revile this type of clothing.

Abercrombie shoppers may not be the most original or stylish people in the world, but neither are you.

Note: I don't wear Abercrombie; I just find that bashing people's preference in clothing to be shallow and petty. Wear what you want.
by Rat Mama March 28, 2005
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a store that sells clothes that are pretty plain. a store that is also smart enough to survive on little or no advertisement and gets its name out through its customers. a little overpriced but considering the fact that pretty much everything, except the thrftstore, is overpriced thats not really an excuse to hate the place. besides, you cant hate a group of people just because they dont fit your criteria for 'creative' and 'original' with their fashion. honestly, youre probably not too creative if all you do with your time is make fun of this store. go color or something.
I do not shop at Abercrombie and Fitch because even if I had the sudden desire I could not drive to the mall because my lack of automotive transportation.
by waterrbuffalo January 11, 2007
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Yet another American company that sells clothes that were made in a sweatshop overseas then turns around and sells the items for ridiculous amounts of money. Now, don't get me wrong. I know there are much more expensive stores out there and that they probably have sweatshops as well. However, Abercrombie and Fitch were sued in the 1990's for unsatisfactory working conditions in their sweatshops in Saipan, a US territory. These violations included rat infested barracks (the places where the workers slept), locked fire exits (so that in case of a fire, the workers were trapped) and over 100 other health violations. Personally, i think that Abercrombie and Fitch is a stupid store, and it's not because i can't afford it, or am ugly, or whatever everyone who absolutely loves the store thinks. It's because of the products they sell (sexually oriented clothing, even for children) and the way they sell it (half naked models who are unhealthily thin). Plus, my sister and i both agree on this point, the stores I've always been in stink to high heaven.

oh, and for all of you abercrombie lovers out there who claim that everyone who hates it is ugly, please go listen to yourself and decide if you actually sound like someone who others would care to listen to.
Next time you put on that nice little minimum-material-required t-shirt from abercrombie and fitch, think about the kids that made that shirt making less than $1 dollar/hour. Yeah. have fun with that.
by Rea L. March 6, 2006
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