doing something extremely stupid without checking with others first
Jeff pulled "a rob" by booking a hotel 6 miles from the venue and there aren't any cabs in the area
by cubbybear May 18, 2010
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A mistake made due to negligence or laziness.
"Just rob rob that shit, it don't matter, it's above the ceiling"
by Gary mckay June 21, 2016
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The appraisal and acquisition of goods either by B 'n' E or a Five finger discount.
My eldest is most likely down Lidl’s on the rob.

Me and a couple of smackheads were on the rob in Taunton last Wednesday.
by The Fantastic Lives December 14, 2009
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A expression used frequently after losing a game of ability draft.
Being robbed means one of your teammates didn't care about his team.

No interest in getting smart picks or helping in the lane.

You just get some setup-spell & rush memehammer. Sometimes you even claim mid to do it faster.
Or you go gloves & quelling to jungle after leeching xp for the first minute.
A: Man i just got so robbed.
B: What happend?
A: So he picked astral first, when there was a sick carry pool. Then he claimed mid, killed the enemy mid once & was completely useless after minute 15.
B: That sounds like getting robbed. Did you lose?
A: Yes, he didnt get scepter but octarine & refresher, didnt save anyone of us with his astral & just didnt deal any dmg. The enemies had enough time to farm bkbs and just outcarry us.
B: At least he didnt go jungle.
by blopppppppp August 17, 2021
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The act of using the extra foreskin of an uncircumcised penis to hold all of the ejaculate after masturbation until going to the bathroom to avoid clean up. Also known as "Cum Hooding it", "Cum Pouching it", and "Cumveloping it".
Rob was "Robbing It" because his mom threw out his dream catcher and he didn't want to get his new bed sheets dirty.

One of my favourite things to do to avoid a mess is to be "Robbing It". That way, it just stays in my cum hood and I don't have to worry getting it everywhere.
by John Littlewolf November 5, 2009
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When someone or something steals victory or otherwise robs you of your full potential in something.

Examples include:

1) You and another person are the only candidates for a single job opening. You're the more qualified candidate but the other person gets it because they know someone at the company.

2) Playing a racing game and you're about to make record lap time or course time only to get a lousy item which slows you down enough as to prevent setting said record.

3) Having grades just good enough to get into an excellent college. Then when writing an exam, you've done well only for the person grading it to give you a lousy mark (as in far below what you deserved for it) on an essay question. Said low mark lowers your GPA just enough as to disqualify you for the college you wanted.

4) Playing the lottery and missing the jackpot by a single digit.
1) That guy only got the job because his mother is the manager. I was robbed.

2) Dammit, I was about to score record time in this course and then I end up getting an item that slows me down! I was robbed!

3) I would have been able to get into an Ivy League college if it wasen't for the guy that graded my exam giving me such a lousy grade on the essay question in the final exam. I was robbed.

4) The numbers for jackpot were 2, 7, 16, 35 and 48. I had 2, 7, 16, 35 and 47! I was robbed!
by Optimist with experience October 29, 2006
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To dance so unbelievably well that no matter what shape or size you are you become a pussy magnet.
I was Robbing it so hard last night that I was up to my knees in gash.
by SaturdayNightRob January 18, 2023
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