It's like saying awesome or sweet.
"I found some weed in my jacket, jackpot!"
by ash December 17, 2004
a very large payoff in a gambling game, especially the largest available
by Light Joker December 21, 2005
A vessel kept under the bed to catch and contain ejaculate from jacking off. A sperm spittoon.
Aghhh! I need to dump my jackpot. That shit is starting to ferment.
by wolfbait51 May 11, 2011
An uncircumcised man stuffs loose change into his foreskin before a sexual encounter. Then his sexual partner pulls back his foreskin and all of the change falls out like a slot machine.
I went to give him a blow job, pulled back his foreskin and I was showered with quarters, jackpot!
by BernardBillingsly October 20, 2010
examples of the jackpot are too rare to share. you know the type
by keen655 August 12, 2008
"Man DooDoogot himself hooked up in a jackpot with Cubby and now they're both doing 30 in the box."
by Jimmyjoe March 1, 2005
To vomit from drinking too much. The mouth is like coins coming out, and like a one-armed bandit, the arm is up from holding one's hair out of the way, or from a toilet or whatever you are handing onto. Most don't even notice the irony, of all what one wins when one is excessive and greedy.
"I got too drunk last night, hit the jackpot, and got puke all over my new trainers too"
by eaglestein December 31, 2021