It's like saying awesome or sweet.
"I found some weed in my jacket, jackpot!"
by ash December 16, 2004
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A vessel kept under the bed to catch and contain ejaculate from jacking off. A sperm spittoon.
Aghhh! I need to dump my jackpot. That shit is starting to ferment.
by wolfbait51 May 11, 2011
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An uncircumcised man stuffs loose change into his foreskin before a sexual encounter. Then his sexual partner pulls back his foreskin and all of the change falls out like a slot machine.
I went to give him a blow job, pulled back his foreskin and I was showered with quarters, jackpot!
by BernardBillingsly October 20, 2010
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"Man DooDoogot himself hooked up in a jackpot with Cubby and now they're both doing 30 in the box."
by Jimmyjoe February 28, 2005
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Walking into a stall in the mans bathroom and finding a tied up teen
by KawaiiAnime November 27, 2003
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