A poorly drawn Donald Duck who speaks in a broken English. He is a homicidal, bisexual, depraved necrophiliac and sociopath. He is also oddly polite, frequently saying "pls" as he rapes and murders his friends and family. He is always smiling because he does what he loves for a living. He is feared and loathed by all except for the Brolans, his loyal followers. He is classified as a "meme".
...and in other news, another semen-filled headless corpse was found today. On a wall near the crime scene were the words "gooby pls" written in blood. Police have put out a warrant for the arrest of Dolan.
by Rabid Hamster Gun August 6, 2012
A Dolan is a family from New Jersey with my queen named Cameron and two hot younger boys named Ethan and Grayson who are smoking hot. The parents are the genius' of the family for making those amazing kids
That Dolan kid is the hottest person I have ever known
A very cute person who just happens to have a twin

Grayson and Ethan Dolan

(All you Dolan Twin fans your welcome
by Dolan twins lover November 6, 2017
An exaggerated way of saying "dolla", as in dollar.
I ended up spending quite a few dolans last night.
by onamindbender January 23, 2021
Parody of Donald Duck, includes his friends like Bogs, Gooby, and Daffy. Words are usually mispelled in his comics.
Accualy Dolan.
by d4rkr4in May 21, 2012
A nickname given to an employee (usually tall and lanky) who lives for nothing other than working hard and eating chicken nuggets.
Why do you start work two hours before the rest of the team ? You’re an absolute Dolan”
by Psychic Bear April 22, 2020
generally irish name; usually attractive, very humorous guys who are always the life of the party
That Dolan is da' bomb! he cracks me up!
by Prince of Knives February 5, 2010