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a) To defend an argument in a way that is difficult to attack for moral reasons.
b) To take the moral high ground
c) To pretend to be better then a certain opinion for moral reasons in order to make your friend (who has claimed the other opinion) look like a total doucher
d) Using "The Flag" or "The Children" to win an argument in a blatantly ridiculous way
Example 1:

Them: "I hate these *&%#@$ school zones! The speed limit is 15mph and the kids are never here!"
You: "The school zones are for the safety of the children. How dare you think of yourself before the children."
Them: "Oh No! You used the children. Nice High Roading."

Example 2:
Them: "The extra security at airports is total lame sauce. If a terrorist is going to take a plane down they will find a way."
You: "We have the extra security for the protection of the American people and the children. I believe in our flag and in our country and that is why I believe in the extra security."
Them: "Nice high road move using the flag, jackass. You Suck!"
by Grymm Deth June 16, 2009
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When a friend does something that is particularly unfriendly. Anytime someone does something mean or inappropriate.

Originated from "Flight of the Conchords" when Murray shows Jemaine and Bret his "friends chart." The y axis on Murray's friend chart represents the level of friendship and the x axis shows the time line.

When Bret and Jemaine are mean to Murray and his other friend they are dropped on the y axis to the point of being at the "stranger" level on the chart.
Murray: "You drilled holes in my desk. That's a drop on the y axis..."
by Grymm Deth February 8, 2010
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Depending on who you ask this has 2 possible definitions:

a) Torture, horrible torture equivalent to spikes shoved up the finger nails, slowly pealing skin off of a person, or hobbling someone like that scary chick from misery.


b) A silly prank the military plays on their terrorist buddies at the big fun BBQ palace known as Guantanamo Bay
Example 1:

Bush is a total doucher for using waterboarding on those poor Muslims in his silly crusade again all religions other then his own.

Example 2:

Man, the military and those terrorists look like they are having so much fun over at their party. They get to bob for apples, play pin the tale on the donkey, have a tickle contest, and enjoy some fun waterboarding.
by Grymm Deth June 16, 2009
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a) Term used to protect a woman from being called a derogatory name.

b) Term used as code for a mean, mean, witchy, shrew of a woman
You: "Man, my boss is such a $%^&!"
Them: "No she is just a Strong and Independent Lady and you just can't handle that."
You: "Yes! thanks for High Roading me there. You're a Strong and Independent Lady too."
Them: "Thanks!"
by Grymm Deth June 16, 2009
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1. to "know" someone in the biblical sense.

2. Awesome, sweet, sick, bad, wicked, groovy, cool, kewl, nice, tight, bad mother.

3. A stern talking to, a lecture.
1. "And Adam gave the business to Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain."

2. Fight Club is the business!

3. a. My boss just sent me a nasty. I think he's gonna give me the business in person next.
3. b. Dude, that chick keeps coming in late. I think I am going to have to give her the business about it.
by Grymm Deth February 2, 2010
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1. A combination of the words permanent and temporary.

2. Used when someone presents something as permanent when it is actually temporary and/or vice versa. This may be done purposefully or in error.
BOSS: This will be your office while you work here.
YOU: This windowed cornered office is the business.
COWORKER/JERK: Don't get too comfy. No one has stayed in this office too long. It is totally permanary.

b. Just because he/she says "We are going to be together for ever..." doesn't mean that the relationship will avoid permanarity.
by Grymm Deth February 2, 2010
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1. A nasty, mean, ugly, obnoxious email normally sent/received in a work environment.

2. The email a boss sends when a subordinate makes an error.
a. Ah man, I didn't make productivity last week and my boss has been sending me nasties every day reminding me about it!

b. Kewl boss to equally groovy subordinate: "I just turned in my two weeks and am not going to have to be your boss anymore. Somebody else will be sending out the nasties."

c. WTC! I just got a nasty from my grand boss. I know he's gonna do a drop by and give me the business.
by Grymm Deth February 2, 2010
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