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RRK aka Randi Ragdoll Kumar where Randi means hooker(male in this casee) in Hindi, Ragdoll is somewhat equivalent to a sexdoll, and Kumar is for defining an Indian brown guy whose conversation starts with bhenchod(sista-fucka) and ends with madarchod(motha-fucka). It is generally used in reference with a cock-eyed brown kid with the smallest torso and bucked teeth. RRK is that guy in every group who is bullied the most on an hourly basis. He gets dick poked by all the members of his group till he cums from all his holes. RRK is the ultimate pimp, the epitome of faggot-ness. RRK gets his ass ripped by his peers during the day but in the end he gives his bully's mom a sloppy blowjob in the night. That's how RRK always has the last laugh.
Random dude: Hey RRK, c'mere and suck my cock
Bullied ass RRK: Choose your words wisely, homie. Or else you're gonna find me in your mom's bed with her cock in my mouth tonight. You'll taste the wrath of a real RRK
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by XxDanny_DxX February 12, 2020

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Used as a reference for a big circumcised dick with huge hairy balls (left one is heavier). Most guys find it hard to keep Daanish in their pants and most girls find it hard to take Daanish up their asses. That's what makes Daanish the biggest, hardest and the bad-est.
Wow, is tha-that Daanish hanging between his legs? I wish... If it was between my legs instead of his **sigh
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by XxDanny_DxX February 07, 2020

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Murder is like sex. Just like sex, murder involves one, two or, more than two people, animals or even people and animals. The only trivial difference between sex and murder is that sex is legal as long as it is not public but murder is totally illegal(just kidding). Sex and murder both have been a part of our lives since the primal age. Sex and murder runs parallel to each other for most of the people but when it coincides at a point, then only a person attains salvation.

The comparison of sex and murder which binds them together are as follows:

1) Just like sex, murder can be committed by strangulating(choking), shooting(skeeting), bashing(banging) etc.
2) If a single person is involved in sex then it is called masturbation while in the case of murder it is called suicide
3) Both sex and murder can either be a source of joy and pleasure(orgasm) for a person or can even arouse a feeling of guilt and disappointment(loss of hormones)
4) Both sex and murder can be carried out with mutual feelings between two people or it can be an act of dominance by making your partner submit to your destructive wishes or vice versa.
5) Both sex and murder can be performed by a group on a person(gangbang/lynching) or by a person on a group(reverse gangbang/culling)

Sex and murder do not belong to water-tight compartments. Often, the line seperating them becomes blurred in our minds and the intermixing of these two phenomena results in completion of a soul. Welcome to 21st sextury.
GF: Babe, are you gonna fuck me or murder me?
ME: Yeah, babe
by XxDanny_DxX March 17, 2020

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