A classic tale revealing the evils of captialism.
Charles Dickens wrote a lot of books promoting at least moderate socialism. Too bad no one listens, even though A Christmas Carol is probably the most famous child's Christmas story of all time.
by Socialist REALism July 19, 2006
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Christmas caroling is an act of trolling during the Christmas season. This is done by singing at a strangers doorstep, and it can be done alone or in a group.

Christmas caroling is the oldest from of holiday trolling.
Emma: Shall we go Christmas caroling?
Emily: We shall!
Amanda: Bring us the figgy pudding or Saint Nick will kill you!
by AmeliaClear December 6, 2011
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A guide into how to terrorize the top 1% into sharing their wealth.
The top 1% holds far more wealth than bottom 50% combined, we need to summon ghosts of the past, present and future as it is written in the Christmas Carol to scare the shit out of Goldman Sachs so they would give their money back to the community!
by 32121 December 17, 2017
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A sexual act that involves three men and one sleeping, yet willing recipient.

The first gentleman ejaculates into the recipient’s mouth while he/she is sleeping at 10:00 PM Christmas Eve.

The second ejaculates into the recipient’s mouth at 1:00 AM Christmas Morning.

The third ejaculates at 4:00 AM Christmas morning. Reminder of impending mortality is optional.

The recipient awakens, embossed by ejaculate, and reminded of the spirit of Christmas. He/she purchases a goose on Christmas Morn for a gimp and/or those less fortunate.

God bless us, one and all!
My boyfriend was a total grinch this Christmas, so I hired three guys to give him “A Christmas Carol” to remind him of the spirit of Christmas.
by Sloth Wrangler December 15, 2019
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A step above a christmas hoe, a christmas caroling hoe is a woman who has been around the block and consistantly continues to go around the block one house at a time.
Jeremy: Yo son, I'm already hella drunk and need to hurry up and find someone to take to the crib.

Tony: I heard that, I'm to the point where I just might holla at a christmas caroling hoe.

Jeremy: Ummm... Nah, I rather masterbate. That's all you though.
by DeezyD May 2, 2009
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