1. A Photoshop® filter that pwnz.
2. Used for no apparent reason whenever insanity creeps into a conversation.
Embossing is cool.

2hot4u: wut were taking bout?
Phoojoeniam: why are you embossed?
2hot4u: STFU!
Phoojoeniam: ykthx?
by Phoojoeniam October 11, 2003
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(v.) To make a lasting, and showing inpression on someone. Derived from a method of labelling packaging.
Hitler embossed many people in deprived Germany.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 9, 2004
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When Mrs. Wormwood left, she embossed Susie Derkins.
by M@thew, the tall 1 February 18, 2022
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It is another word for 'coined.' It makes more sense than than 'coined' because it is similar to the art of 'embossing.' I coined the word 'emboss' in that way to refer to how embossing 'pushes an alternate definition onto another word' just as people who do embossing would engrave things on that piece of paper. (or whatever they're engraving on XD)
Embossing happens in the English language a lot due to the fact that words are reused, so it gets a new meaning. Often causes CONFUSION. ( O_O) End the embossing please! They need to make new words! :p
by Cat'sKnowledgd July 5, 2017
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When a guy is getting his ass eaten and he busts and farts at the same time in her eye, sealing the pink eye he gave her with his cum.
He embossed her to let the other guys know she was his.
by babsrld November 25, 2020
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