invented by Gene Simmons of the rock band Kiss , when one recieves fellatio while dropping a duece
that dirty gave me a blumpie last night
by Colt45MaltLikka May 24, 2006
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The act of giving head while the receiver is taking a shit.
"You best be givin' me a blumpy bitch!" said Tyrone as he was dumping in his prison cell.
by Chief Hosa March 16, 2003
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to get a blowjob while taking a shit
that girl was a freak, she even game me a blumpie this morning
by browntown August 29, 2005
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The act of simultaneously receiving oral sex and blowing your load while releasing feces.
Farcus put one more notch on his belt after last night when Wendy decided she would blow him on the shitter, little did she know his intent was to get a blumpy.
by Farcus September 8, 2007
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that broad i brought home from the club gave me a blumpie last night.
by jedi-one February 24, 2003
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Deficating while recieving oral sex.
Let's go to the bathroom, I need a Blumpy
by nicky September 4, 2003
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when a girl is giving u head while your on the shitter
it took me a while to find a dirty ass bitch to let me pull of blumpy on her
by arlie September 6, 2004
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