once upon a time

there live a boy who came from another planet. he had spikey hair, and a tail He lived with an old man named ¨Gohan¨ But the little boy caused alot of trouble for gohan until one day, the little boy fell and hit his head, the little boy changed for the better he became pure hearted oh how the little boy was such a good boy but gohan said not to look at the moon and then one day. the little boy did and something bad happens and his gohan DIED. oh how the little boy was sad but he kept living and then many years later the little boy turned 11 Where he met this Lovely young lady Who tried to shoot him her name was bulma the little boy took her inside his tiny little hut, where Bulma tried to seduce him and take his magical 4 ball which the little boy got from gohan, bulma failed but bulma said to help her find the balls the little boy agreed and so they went meeting many friend a Turtle who needed help, a old man who was a creep, a shape shifting pig, a king who kingdom was burning, and a lovely little girl who has a crush on the little boy and a young bandit with a funny floating cat these friends (not the turtle or old man) joined the little boy and bulma and went off to find the dragon balls but oh no a EVIL blue thing and his minions a dog and a beautiful lady trap the little boy and his friend but then the little boy looked at the moon and turned into a HUGE ape he destory most of the castle of evil blue man and his minions and saved the world (the end)
Grandpa: AND THAT a Story not some bullshit of this dumb book

grandkid: why.. why did you explain the whole plot of dragon ball?
by ⠀⠀⠀⠀ April 27, 2023
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I just don't feel like going to the party, it's not a story
by Shaz100 November 16, 2014
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Bubba, run to the Piggly Wiggly and pick mamma up some smokes. I don't want to miss my stories.
by King Festus September 13, 2005
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What grandmas call soap operas.
"Ethel, I have to hang up the phone now, my stories are coming on!"
"Thanks for reminding me, Gertrude, my story's on too!"
by Popeyes Chicken October 3, 2006
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telling a lie, or a complex set of lies
"You couldn't have been there. Are you storying me?"
by goddessofgoalies February 5, 2006
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