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fine, alright, okay. slightly more affirmative than the aforementioned depending on the tone in which it is delivered. widespread usage in ireland within all classes with perhaps the exception of politicians and the highly priviliged.
howrya man havent seen ya in a good while? as sure im grand, not a bother on me
by bud November 05, 2003

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to give a handjob think about it
erin tickled my pickle for a nickel
by bud March 30, 2005

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of amusement, funny edging into hilarious depending on the position on the gas scale. of irish origin used to describe all things surprising and ironically pleasant
have you heard her talk? shes a gas one she is
by bud November 05, 2003

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appreviated version of the english phrase 'what's the story?' used normally by the breed of individuals referred to as scangers who inhabit the inner regions of dublin and parts of the city north of the river. is coupled with the word bud for the complete colloqual effect
' story bud? ye stallin over to me gaff '
by bud November 05, 2003

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a female super-villain
"That Demi Moore is one evil bitch"
by Bud June 21, 2003

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a term used by rapper Little jon. the word Hwhat is pronounced just like what exept with an H in front. can also be used with YEEAHH and OHKAY.
a: "Thank you come again"
lil jon: HWHAT!!!
A: "Thank you come again"
lil jon: HWHAT!!!!
lil jon: OHKAY!!!
by Bud February 26, 2004

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ignorgant, rude, or obnocious
You are being nigerotious. Stop farting you dickhead.
by Bud March 09, 2005

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