A usually smart, and Beautiful woman, a Grace is a loyal friend but will sometimes frowned upon because she is one to think of others and to forget about herself. A Grace usually knows herself better than anyone else, despite what they might say. Although a Grace is through and through a party and dramatic girl when she doesn’t have bottled emotions and is always ready to have a laugh.
She is such a Grace, she’s just always so friendly and Funny!

No living being is as fearless and loyal as a Grace!
by Duh;) November 21, 2019
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Grace, a beautiful, intelligent, gentle, sarcastic, brave, annoying, hysterical, just an all around glorious person. They have the best smile and best advice ever. Supportive and caring. Easy going. Grace is friends with anyone and will support you 100% in any decision you make.
"Honestly, Grace is too much but just enough at the same time. She is great."
by TommyDaToast April 10, 2020
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a sweet and kind girl makes every one happy even when she is sad and is easy to foll for
dude 1. bro i think im in love with her
dude 2. well ya she is a grace

dude 3. i like her to
by leah faith April 7, 2020
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Grace is a very nice person and has many friends. She gets emotional. She is loyal asf. She gets sad at times and is very pretty. She is a great friend and is very good with advice. She has great boy advice and loves to gossip. She often lacks confidence and thinks she is much worse than she is. She can be mean but it's worth it.
"Anyone with a Grace in their life is so lucky, she is such a nice person and everyone loves her"
by Potato.On.Toast May 20, 2020
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Sweetest girl you have ever met. She is sometimes mature, but other times she acts like a 4 year old crazy child!
That girl is such a Grace!”
by caylenjuddd June 14, 2020
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The most important person in your life even though she can get annoying,grace’s are super sweet but can get salty
Grace is beautiful
by koolkatraerae August 23, 2020
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A Grace is a beautiful soul. She's an introvert, but once you get to know her; she's a sassy, non-innocent, moody, blackmailing, but most importantly: sweet and loyal. She knows everyone in the school. Not to mention, EVERYTHING about them. She knows you snuck out last night with your best friend to go to another's birthday party. She uses this as a gossip advantage. Don't mess with the wide known blackmailer. But she's adorably sweet and kind. She has the biggest empathy. She knows exactly what your going through. Trustworthiness is pending, but you'll get to her. Sometimes she's EXTREMELY good with keeping a secret and hiding feelings. This wraps up everything you should know while encountering her. Besides this: If you EVER want to tell her something, do it straightforward. "How do you know so much about Grace?" I know a couple, one I could call myself as-well...
" Grace is your girlfriend, man you must be so lucky! She's so pretty!"
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