Roxanne told her sister, Melinda, all of her deepest secrets, because she knew that Melinda wouldn't tell anyone them to anyone else. Melinda was the only person she considered trustworthy.
by ohheyhihello November 4, 2009
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Someone you can rely on to be honest, not to gossip, or tell your secrets to others. A person you can tell all of your secrets too without worry. Also someone you can rely on to set you straight and do the right thing even if it is not what you want.
My best friend is so “trustworthy”, she wouldn’t tell a soul what I told her.
by Sagax February 14, 2018
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Someone you can rely on even if you aren’t on good standards they won’t tell anyone anything you don’t want anyone knowing
Jack knows that jenna is trustworthy because he told her all of his deepest secrets and they aren’t friends anymore but she’s still keeping his secrets
by dontworry:) December 27, 2018
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Someone you can rely on to be there for you at the times you need them the most. Someone who won’t lie to your face or talk behind your back. The type of person that is hard to find.
Friend: trust me I won’t tell anyone
*next day* everyone knows your secret

( find someone trustworthy and keep them and never loose them)
by RedheadsAreAmazing April 12, 2018
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Trustworthy is a way of describing someone to be trustful. If you think your friend is trustworthy then she/he is a very solid friend.
I think she is a very trustworthy friend.
by TrustMeIKnow! March 30, 2020
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Charles Darnay is the opposite of trustworthy.
by mokilla March 27, 2007
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