When one goes surfing and retains some of the ocean's salinity
Bro, you down to get salty tomorrow?
by pseudosage September 12, 2008
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To get uppity, angry with, mouthy,or just plain sassy. To talk back or try to pick a fight with words.
"Whoa- don't go getting salty with me just because you had a bad day!"
by MickB January 20, 2009
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When your fries need to start being salty because the person in front of you at McDonald's ordered their fries without salt and yours don't have salt
"No salt on my fries please"
"No fries you need to GET SALTY!!"
by insidehobo November 21, 2014
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To be ejaculated on or in as defined originally by Jay.
You close bae” “Yeah bae I’m about to get salty all over you”.
by KingBuck1701D December 29, 2022
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