"Dude! That guy is totally zorbing! Look at him go!"

"Dude! I went zorbing today in San Fransisco"
by Evangeline Pelagia August 18, 2009
the act in which a man tapes his scrotum to his anus and then quickly sits down on a hard surface.
My doctor told me to stop zorbing else I may rupture a ball.
by Johnny_H January 25, 2013
Zorbing, is the act of hitting a Salt-Nicotine device such as a Juul, and getting a light headed feeling. Is related to Zorb, can be related to Doming. This word is mostly used in Northern California. This word originated from Lincoln High School.
Yo I heard caleb, and Simon are zorbing in the bathroom right now.
by zorbinking January 20, 2019
Another word for walking, and a great example of the arbitrary evolution of language.
I zorb zorb furiously to linguistics class
by Long Horse Short Walk February 3, 2022
It is the light-headed feeling you get from nicotine
I just smoked 3 cigarettes, I'm hella zorbed
by gab6 March 1, 2017
hitting nicotine devices and getting head rushes.
"hit my phix it gets you really zorbed"
"hey i have my juul, lets go zorb "
by lonelystona June 19, 2018
smoking tobacco and cannabis with and water pipe
"wanna take a zorb?"
by bongjockey December 11, 2009