A spherical see-through plastic ball in which you can place your hamster. The rodent can then navigate around your house, getting exercise.

One branch of modern philosophy asserts that everyone exists in a set of concentric hamster balls. The wider your world, the bigger the ball is. If you are depressive then your ball is very small. The challenge is to make your ball as big as possible. Eventually your hamster ball is so big you are no longer aware of it and you are free.
Psychiatrist: "Tell me about your worries."

Patient: "Man, my world is shit. My hamster ball is so small, I feel so bad. I know some fag is gonna stick me up his sorry ass one day."
by Wizards Sleeve June 18, 2005
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Balls that are proportionally oversized, such as those of a male hamster.
While changing Baby's diaper, Ayumi exclaimed "Damn, kid, you got some crazy hamster balls!"
by Mitsuneko January 24, 2008
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Hamster Balling is when one crawls up into a woman's vagina and rolls around. The woman normally dies.
Man, my mom just walked in on me and my girlfriend when we were hamster balling.
by Ross R. R. February 3, 2007
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