A group of individuals united to expose the true nature of the babwa.
Yo mate, you’re the Zoo Keeper innit?
Who, me? Nah.
You’re the only one that knew about the pink GameBoys, it must be you.

by Zoo Keeper July 10, 2008
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(noun)- A boyfriend/husband that is far better looking than his girlfriend/wife, because compared to him, she looks like a zoo animal
Ned: Don't you think Bob could find a way prettier girlfriend than the one he's with?

Ted: Yeah, he's a total zookeeper
by TheTouchingUncle August 20, 2010
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a white slave trader of black slaves. very racist term to decribe a whit person. proud white person may call himself this.
U fuckin' zookeeper!
by calloom May 22, 2006
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One who has a sexual encounter with a group of cougars.
Gentleman A: How'd last night go?

Gentleman B: I met a bunch of cougars at the bar and I ended zookeepering it
by george atalopolous May 22, 2008
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the act of being double penetrated by two different species of animals, preferably in a zoo
i went to the zoo yesterday with my dog to find a partner to have a zookeepers delight
by curious goerge's keeper February 01, 2011
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A person who shoots a rare and majestic animal in the face with their spunk after letting someone with an extreme case of diarrhea sit on their face leaving a perfect imprint of a butthole in shit on their neck.
Harambe: Gross! Some dude just shot bucksnot on me!

Kevin James: Yea! I just got you with the Cincinnati Zookeeper! Now give me a hot lunch!!
by Sexy sexualizer September 18, 2016
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