The most beautiful girl in the world. The girl that you think of all the time and wish she was with you. The one that can put you either in the best mood of your life, or the worst mood you could even imagine. The one girl that you would do anything for, even if that means forgetting as best as you can, your love for her, even as hard and as much pain you'll be in after. The girl that you'll wait for, as long as your love isn't played with.
"Dude, why don't you ask her out?"
"She's Lauren K. A."
"And? She likes you"
"I can wait"
"no, you can't dude!"
"I'll do anything for her, so I will."
by IloveU August 12, 2012
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a little bit quirky but a big rat
smart asf but a british queen

will bully you if you can't stop in a game of basketball
ohmygod its a lauren k!! what a quirky british rat!! oh no, shes coming here to bully me about my standing skills
by ratsareyum October 18, 2020
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