Leader & rapper of Korean underground hip-hop group Block B.

Real name: Woo Ji-Ho (우지호)
Born: September 14, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea.
Simon: Hey have you heard that new band Block B?

Dominic: Yeah, their leader Zico is really good at freestyle rap!
by jkyung January 27, 2012
One of the best soccer players in the world, and considered the best player in the would in the early 80s.

Zico played for Flamengo for most of his soccer years, and holds the most number of goals scored for Flamengo (508 goals in 731 matches).

Zico later played for Kashima Antlers from Japan where he later coached and also later coached the Japanese national team until the 2006 World Cup. During his stay in Japan, Zico heavily contributed to soccer in Japan, where he got the nickname "God of Soccer" by soccer fans in Japan.

Zico is currently coaching Fenerbahçe from Turkey.
Zico, the White Pelé, the best attacking midfielder to ever exist.
by Mengão October 15, 2006
Zico is very rare name. Zico is usually a guy from Spain or Mexico. Every guy named Zico is living hard love life honestly theres one girl they shouldn’t chase. Zico is so handsome and good hearted guy.
Oh that guy is so lovely !”
He’s Zico ;)”
by Namegamer January 18, 2019
Some you say when you take a massive dump, enough to break the toilet
"Why is the bathroom all brown"

by Spedonk September 27, 2017
He is the most funny gay guy, who dresses better than kardashians he is also the best playing pokemon and very nerd
OMG i wish i could be zico
by Teeekila November 20, 2019
an amazing person, who will always treat you great no matter what happens, who will love you unconditionally, acts like a crazy little kid sometimes, and is the most loving and caring person in the world!!!!! and is great in bed!!!
Omg Zico is so good in bed!!!
by Lahmar2439 November 20, 2021
the dirty zico is a sexual position in which a man and a woman are in doggy position and just as the man is about to finish he pulls out, pisses, shits, vomits and cums in the air over the woman’s mouth as she looks up in astonishment and swallows the lot
Harry: me and your sister were getting freaky last night, i dirty zico’d her
zstrap: I bet she loved that!
by harrywebste September 1, 2021