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Zeina is usually cool and funny and very very cute :)

everyone likes her
Look at that cute girl

Oh yeah thats zeina
by tyoeid May 09, 2013
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Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

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by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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An extremely beautiful girl who will take your breath away just by looking at her.
Probably arab or latina.

Great personality, makes you want to spend time with her forever.

great friend, loyal & always laughing. She’ll want to give you a makeover.

All the boys want her but she’ll probably reject you for some older mexican gangster.

Very caring ; will do little things to show her love for you

Although Zeina’s may portray themselves as “ dumb “ they’re actually very street wise & lie to you on the daily without you questioning anything. They will definitely get very far in life.

She gets whatever she wants

Zeinas know everything about everyone. they can read your body language and figure out plots fast.

She won’t be scared to call you out for your BS.

Zeina will have the look of the typical popular pretty girl who picks on others, but she is pretty sweet to those who are sweet to her, DO NOT get on her bad side cause she’ll ruin your life in a second.

Zeina's are constantly getting asked out by many boys but she will reject them all regardless of how she feels about them,

BIG TIME HEARTBREAKER! You won’t know if she really likes you or she’s just bored, but when she does actually like you, she will love you hard and might go a little crazy about her overflowing love. will be a great girlfriend ( shows affection, does whatever to make you happy, takes care of you )

If you somehow end up with a Zeina. Brag because like a butterfly, she’s beautiful but hard to catch.
“ so did zeina say yes?? “

obviously not

“ zeinas highkey hot, im gonna ask her out “

“ be careful bro she rejects everyone “

“ nah i’m gonna ask it’s worth it “
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by YoungthuggaG June 15, 2018
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Zeina is the most beautiful girl you will ever see, inside and outside. She has gorgeous hair that you want to play with and magical eyes you can stare at all day. She has a very sweet personality and you want to be around her all the time. She has a very nice body and a lot of people tell her she should model.

All the guys have a crush on her but they’re too scared to admit it because they know if they will, they’ll fall in love very fast.

She is a HEARTBREAKER and will reject you for some older guy. A lot of boys try to ask her out but no one is good enough for her.

She is very creative and has a very big and kind heart. She’s an extremely loyal friend and she will have your back for everything. Any guy would wish to have her as his girlfriend.
Woaaah who’s that girl?
That’s Zeina
Man she’s so hot but I know she will reject me.
Yeah man, don’t even try I asked her out and she said no.
But she’s so beautiful!
by namezmeaningz122 December 13, 2019
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Zeinas can be shy and quiet and nerdy, but fun and outgoing at the same time. They are beautiful in the way that they are confident in themselves and who they are. They range from bookworms to boxers. They make heads turn. Zeinas are liked and loved by many people, but also hated from some jealous people. They stick to what they want and what makes them happy not other people. In other words, Zeinas are the best
"Yeah thats Zeina. Headstrong, a bit of a bookworm, affectionate and kindly. Love her"
by GirlzJustRock March 06, 2018
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Zeina/ noun/ soooo gorgeous think is sexy and sings like a angel ( banshee) .
The Zeina stood next to another and screamed in her ear.
by Donald mc ronald cluck June 22, 2019
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She is a beautiful girl,
She can be very sweet and funny
All the guys like her, but everyone is usually scared of her
She is always honest and wont lie
But you don't want to get on her bad side

she is really violent and scary
She also loves shisha,

she may be mean but she can RARELY be nice
and she is a very trustworthy and good friend!
" Woah, that girl is hot, she must be a Zeina"
" Watch out Zeina is mad"
"Why are you being so mean? Stop acting like Zeina"
by chuckme234 October 15, 2011
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